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    What if you got a wish on your eighteenth birthday?  What would you wish for?  Eldon is trying to figure that out...

    Sourcebooks Fire and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published.

    What Eldon finds is that most people aren't happy with their wishes.  You have to phrase wishes very carefully or you might not get what you want.  And, even if it was what you wanted, will you want the same thing in adulthood that you asked for at eighteen?

    He's lost his girlfriend.  He might win her back.  His mother wants him to use it for his sister; get money so they can try more treatments.  Nothing is appealing to him.  And he has to tell the Mayor what his wish is before he can do it.  He's even thinking about not making a wish.

    He's squabbling with his friends, disappointing his father at football, and still struggling about his wish.  Then he meets these new people at the gas station and he does something he knows he shouldn't.  He tells them about the town's secret.  He even takes them there and they break in.  The result is that the mayor tells him he can't have his secret wish for exposing them to the public like that.

    But he's not sure that's what he wants.  And what he decides that will shock you...

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