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    7 Foot Comic Coversfrom Robert Crumb Comic Books
    Poster Advertisement for Kitchen Sink's full size wall coverings concept (68" x 89")

    The first "wall coverings" were to be designs from R. Crumb Comic Books

    • Home Grown Funnies
    • XYZ Comics

    Size:  16.75" x 21.5"

    Published by:  Krupp Comic Works of Milwaukee

    Date:  1972

    Poster Art Design:  Peter Poplaski

    Narrative:  Denis Kitchen 

    The characters in the promotion include Denis Kitchen (thinking - "keen"); Kitchen's Brother Jim holding the arm of his girlfriend Jan Sichi.  The "Pop" on the book that Kitchen is reading is Peter Poplaski's signature of the art design.

    The Narrative of the Poster is:

    This is it. . . the item you've been long awaiting:  GIANT COMIC BOOK COVERS!   These monstrous posters are the beginning of a grand scheme to addict the unsuspecting public.   You, as a distributor or retailer, have the opportunity to be part of this plot.   We have chosen the covers of two ROBERT CRUM comix as our first offering.   Realistically, we do not expect Middle America to immediately snarf up your stock of giant comic book covers.  What WILL happen is that hippies, longhairs, dope-smoking teenages and bearded street people (in short, the cream of our youth) will snarf up your stock of giant comic book covers.  They will plaster their walls with every new cover we release.

    Then, when one generation has passed, giant comic book covers will be an established part of our rich cultural heriage.  And YOU can be on the ground floor of this exciting new venture if you act fast!   (The remaining part of the narrative provides price information for the bulk orders that were being promoted).


    The project never got launched, but fortunately some of the promotional posters remain.

    To purchase the original promotional poster click here

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