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    Travelling, I think that one of the best parts about travel is experiencing a little bit of everything. Each time we travel we redefine our definition of what memories do we get back with us, and redefining ourselves. So here we discuss types of traveling, for the versatile traveler. It’s never too late to tick another off the list, and remember, you can’t knock it until you try it.


    1. Business Trip: The necessity of Business travel is to meet visitors and customers, meeting clients, business proposals, building new partnerships, starting a new branch in a different location, meeting officials etc.., sometimes this trip includes family members to make it as a leisure trip also. By business trip, you can also get new friends at the workplace and also get some knowledge by knowing different customs.
    2. A Solo trip: A solo trip doesn’t need plans to be made by someone before you travel and also no need of any company, by traveling alone one can build self-stability to travel anywhere, anytime. the most important thing in this solo trip is to gain some ability to stay alone and face new people and new customs, cultures, and traditions.
    3. A Cruise trip: Escape from the rushing city streets to drooping rivers and soak yourself in riverside villages, explore the sacred spots and ancient heritage. Dwell in the cacophony of sights as nature captivates you and intrigues your senses. This holiday, spend some time over the glinting waves over the glinting waves. By a Cruise trip, one can get some peace of mind by traveling through oceans, seas, rivers. One can also experience an amazing picture square of sunset, sunrise.
    4. A Spiritual trip: This trip includes traveling to a sacred place or a pilgrimage. This trip can be taken by an individual and also with some group of people, who are in search of peace. By this spiritual trip, one can spend some devotional time and also can get to know different customs according to different religions.
    5. A road trip: The beauty of road trip can’t be explained in words as we explore different ways to our destination path. Road trips are mostly pre-planned, as we don’t know our next stop while wandering on roads in between our starting point to our destination point. So once in a lifetime, a road trip should make a page in our life.
    6. A Volunteer trip: Volunteer trip is a trip where we can meet people where there is no financial or social gain for service. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development and is often intended to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life. By making a volunteer trip we can come to know what are the needs of people who can’t afford and to help such people. For such volunteer trips, some people will get trained by few organizations to serve needy with education, food, medicine etc..,
    7.  Trecking trip: This is a kind of trip for which every individual is dreamt off, where we can explore hill stations, wild places, exotic areas too. Such tracking trips are very helpful for the people in health too. Few organizations a trecking trip to gather funds and donates the amount to needy.

    Here we discussed few types of trips to be taken once in a lifetime. So start a trip and explore the world. 

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