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    This is an epic tale of a fictional world where the Queens are the ultimate authority.  Women can make good rulers but they are subject to poor rulers here and there just like men.  There's a lot wrong in this world and it will take someone who is able to think of their feet and can make decisions quickly.  Sina can do that but she's just a princess.  That changes...

    The author shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can find a copy on Smashwords.

    The story begins with family life in the Royal family.  Sina is tall and lean and wears pants most of the time.  She practices with swords, knives and fists so she can defend herself.  Her twin brother is a samer (homosexual) and some scorn him for that.  Her sister is the future queen.  But again, things change.

    When Sina goes to check on nearby villages, she finds that they are not being treated well by the Queen in that area.  It doesn't take long until with the help of her sister and her husband, Sina gets involved in a war.  Her mother has made her the designee for the future queen, and her sister is willing to kill them all to get it back.  She uses people, they use her and she still hates her sister and her mother.

    This is a war that effects all the kingdoms and it takes a special skill that Sina has found documented in a lost book in the library at home.  She learns to open gateways and travel between kingdoms in moments instead of days.  With an earthling to show them the ways of war, Sina's warrior ability, and her knowledge of gateways, it's almost like a war of the worlds.  Having some insane people around makes the story more exciting.

    While this is a long book, it's busy, interesting and exciting enough to keep you reading.  Read a bit at a time and savor it.  The magic lasts longer that way.

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