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     Maria Valtorta's The Poem of the Man-God
    The Poem of the Man God is a five volume set of books (in seven parts) measuring approximately five thousand pages on the life of Jesus Christ written by the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta.
    The book was originally published in Italian in 1956 and has since been translated into many other languages.  It is based on over 15,000 handwritten pages written by the author between 1943 and 1947.  During these years she reported having visions of Jesus and Mary and claimed personal conversations with and dictations from Jesus.

    Over time, this set has been one of my most consistent sellers.  I have sold individual volumes in the three figure range, and now it appears that complete 5 volume sets have eclipsed the $1,000 mark.

    Learn to recognize the distinct cover, author name and publisher seal, and you'll be thanking me in no time.  Happy hunting!

     Volume One Cover Spines of 5 Volume Set

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