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    Last week we did not have Pistil Lunch because Sean and I were on a little trip to Portland,OR and then to the ocean on the Long Beach peninsula for one night.  Kam held down the fort and took care of the bookstore while we were gone.

    Today's lunch was attended by Amy, Sean, Troy, Kam, and Sue Perry, a friend and painter.  When we operated our brick and mortar retail store we always had art shows in our book shop, and Sue was the first artist whose work we displayed when we opened in 1993.  Recently she has been working on a series of Seattle paintings that have shown the changes to our neighborhood.  The painting below shows the street at the end of our alley a couple of years ago -- a house had been knocked down to make room for some ugly box-like condos.  The church in the painting has since been knocked down for the same reason.
    Man Carrying Thing (oil on canvas, 32" x 48") Sue Perry For lunch today we had Salad Nicoise, baguette and goat cheese, and cider.  The Salade Nicoise was deconstructed  with the different ingredients served in separate dishes so we could each put what we liked onto our plates.

    Kam's plate.
    What we're reading.... to be continued in the next entry.

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