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    Hallie is fifteen and plotting how to get a kiss from the guy she has a crush on when she's hit by a car and dies.  So does the driver.  

    Dundurn and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 9th.

    As they travel to the afterlife they complain and refuse to take final steps to death.  They want to live.  Their wish is granted but the bad news is that they end up in the wrong bodies.  Susan is thrilled.  She has this glorious new body that doesn't hurt and boys are flirting with her.  Hallie is less enthused.  She's got the body with aches and pains and Susan's son is trying to put her in a nursing home.  An ugly nursing home at that.  She tells him no...

    While Susan learns how to talk current teen talk and how to text, Hallie's learning about Susan's routines and friends.  They're both trying to find some proof Susan's car is defective.  Sometimes it runs away on her and won't stop.  No one believes them.

    This story is amusing and full of warmth because of Hallie and Susan's growing friendship.  It has a good ending with Ron (the son) finding out his mother wasn't crazy.  He deserved that comeuppance.

    Read it.  It's a fun read.

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