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    The 20,000,000 year old Mystery Skull of Oregon
    The old historical museum
    I remember visiting the Old Oregon Historical Museum at Gold Hill when I was a child. It was part of a group of roadside attractions that included the Oregon Vortex, Trees of Mystery, the Prehistoric Gardens (life-sized replicas of prehistoric animals), and if I recall correctly there was an Indian Village  and a petting zoo, and whatever other enterprise that could thrown up near the Vortex, which was and still is a major attraction.
    Studies suggest that there might be something weird at the site of the vortex some magnetic influence, perhaps. (Supposedly aircraft compasses go haywire when flying over the site.) A lot of it is hyped-up though, a case of dont believe everything you see.
    Paul Bunyan and Babe at Trees of MysteryI havent been there for many, many years and apparently the museum has been refurbished to reflect the gold-mining era of the region. But when I was there it was a hodge-podge of weird and zany artifacts: two-headed sheep, various kinds of fetuses in jars, mysterious objects and so forth, along with legitimate pioneer and prospector memorabilia.

    I dont recall seeing the skull in this old postcard, and when I looked at it I was puzzled for a while. Then I realized that it is set on its nose, with the viewer looking at the palate with its smiley dentition depressions and the eye sockets from below one of them deformed by pressure or crushing.The caption reads: The Oregon Mystery Skull.
     Estimated to be more than 20,000,000 years old.
    Old Oregon Historical Museum, Gold Hill, Oregon
    Having solved that dilemma, the mystery remains I havent identified what it is. The Oregon coastal area was, of course, once upon a time ocean floor so marine fossils are not uncommon, but then again the card does not identify where this object was found and Oregon is rich in fossil remains. Educated guesses are welcome. One might estimate the size by the boards behind the skull, which appear to be approximately 8 inches wide. 

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