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    When Allison sees her mother help her father die with morphine to save him the excruciating pain of cancer, she decides she hates her because she killed him.  She doesn't see any mercy, just feels the sense of having lost someone she didn't want to let go.  She moves out and doesn't contact her mother for years.

    Vintage Digital sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published January 31st.

    Allison has no job skills but she applies to be a waitress at a night club and gets the job.  They give her a skimpy costume, tell her to keep the customers happy and keep them drinking and it isn't until she's been there a while that she finds out what else she can do to make money.  If you drink enough and take some cocaine, you don't care what they do to you.  She's also making good money at it.  But one day things change...

    When a handsome young man begins dating her and then moves her in to his place, she thinks she's safe and will live happily ever after.  He may look perfect, but he's not.

    A stranger tells her he's evil and why.  She doesn't believe him.  But she wants to know for sure.  The next thing that happens is that there is an airplane crash and her mother is informed she died in the crash.  No, she didn't die in the crash but she's been injured.  She also knows she has to keep on the run to stay alive...

    The story is fast reading, it's a tense thriller, and you aren't sure how it's going to turn out.  Each chapter is dedicated to the mother or the daughter.  You learn about the past as well as the present.  And it'll keep you turning those pages until the end... 

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