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    Simon believes in aliens.  There's Roswell, Area 51 and more facts that help support his theory.  But does anyone else agree with him?

    Clarion Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published February 19th.

    Since Simon reads a lot of fantasy and plays video games in the same field, his military father thinks it's his imagination.  But one day in the woods, he braced by an owl who looked him in the eyes and forced him unconscious.  When he awakens, he finds a hole in his stomach and he believes the aliens have implanted something there.  It's when he tries to dig out the implant that things get real serious for Simon.  He ends up in the hospital.  And then in psychiatric care.

    This was an interesting story.  He knows the aliens have visited him and no one else believes it.  He also knows the government hides things.  He finds a group of people who support his beliefs and think the aliens will be coming soon to take earth over.  Simon gets pills to take but still gets visited by the aliens.

    I didn't see this ending coming but it was quite appropriate.  It makes for a very fascinating sci/fi tale for middle graders.

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