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    She started out as a victim but life toughened her up...

    HQN and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 29th.

    When she saves a young girl from a rapist, the whole family is grateful.  She even finds a man to fall in love with.  But then the rapist shoots her in the head and she goes into a coma.

    As she awakens again, she finds herself in a facility and it scares her.  She's sure that she doesn't want to be there.  She sneaks out and heads away.  She even joins the service and has to fight in war zones.  She learns to defend herself and how to handle a gun or a knife.  And she learns to kill.  She can't remember before except when her husband came home to kill her and then himself, he killed her sister instead.  She's using her sister's paperwork to make her new life and assumes her name.  But her trouble is not over yet.

    First she finds out she had a child while in the coma.  She's not feeling motherly.  She's actually afraid to love because those she loves die.  Her boyfriend is raising the girl and he still loves her.  She starts out trying to bond with her daughter and her boyfriend.  But she has unknown problems following her.  Someone is trying to kill her and he's using teams of men to hunt her down.

    It's a good thing she got skills in the service because now she can fight back.

    There's plenty of suspense, you worry about the couple and their child, and death comes closer to her each day.  Either the bullet in her brain will move or the assassins will be successful.  But she's a fighter now and she can hold her own.  The story moves quickly and made my heart beat faster.  This is a good read.

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