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    She's taking another group down the river again.  This is the anniversary of the death of one of her passengers last year and she's trying to hide her fear and enjoy the trip anyway.  Unfortunately, someone else remembers that date and she almost loses another one...

    Sourcebooks Casablanca and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 29th.

    Charlee works hard to save the girl from drowning but while she's doing that, someone is taking pot shots at the group.  They hit the girl and Charlee both.  The girl survives, then someone suffocates her in the hospital.  Who is this person, why is he stalking Charlee and can she keep her family safe?

    She's working with the cop who is investigating and it would be easier for him to do his job if he wasn't so attracted to her.  Her two brothers are very protective.  Everyone wants to tell her what to do but she's on a mission to find the killer.  Can she find him before he finds her?

    This was a good read with an interesting mystery and enough romance to hold your attention.  Give it a try.

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