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    He never knew his father.  His mother died while he was young.  His Uncle and his wife took him in because of duty but he was never really a part of the family and he felt no one wanted him there.  When he graduated, he left town.  He changed his name, went to law school and became a good lawyer.  He also lies about his past so he can fit into high society.  He even marries his partner's daughter.

    Park Row and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 29th.

    Peter is riding the wave of success and feeling good.  But when he draws away from his wife because he's hardening his heart to be a defense attorney he ends up losing her love.  And when he screws around on her, they divorce.  He leaves his son with her because he never really wanted kids.  He'll be sorry he's becoming so callous.

    This is a very suspenseful story with lots of various clues.  I had no idea about how it would end.  Peter get accused of murder and he does all in his power to find the real killer.  The problem is that he's been unkind to people for so long he has no real allies.  

    The ending is very ironic and hard to believe but I could see someone doing it to him.  It keeps you busy and will shock you with the deaths.  If you like drama and tension, this is a good read for you.

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