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    Earlier this week, I made my best sale to date as an antiquarian bookseller- four books signed by Laura Ingalls Wilder (including Little House on the Prairie), which I had only just listed for sale at the beginning of March.

    I felt like their sale was some kind of karmic justice, as I had devoted the past two weeks of my life to volunteering to organize and run the semi-annual booksale fundraiser for the Friends of the Wichita Public Library, and had little time for any kind of other work or cataloging around the office. 

    My sore back was still in recovery this week after loading, unloading, selling and cleaning up over 15,000 books.  I have also been dealing with the worst case of seasonal allergies I've ever experienced.  It's nothing too serious, just enough to have me wake up extremely congested in the morning and have eyes that won't stop itching and burning by night. 

    On Wednesday night, in a clouded and foggy state, I offered to take my fiance Emily out to dinner at the restaurant of her choice on Friday night, completely forgetting that both the Jayhawks and my new favorite cinderella story (the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University aka Dunk City) would both be playing their Sweet 16 games that evening.

    Once I got home from doing some work in my storage facility this afternoon, I asked Emily where she had decided to go for our celebratory dinner date, and she reported that she was feeling a bit lousy after getting a Typhoid shot (for her upcoming service trip to an orphanage in Honduras) and that she was in the mood to stay in tonight and have a cozy night around the house.  Not only that, but she knew how excited I was to watch the basketball games, and insisted that she pick up dinner while I watch the first half of the KU/Michigan game.  Her words were like sweet music to my ears, and we promptly decided on a rain-check plan for early next week.

    I can't help but feeling like I hit the jackpot twice in one week.  Once for a great sale, which I'm glad to report will also benefit the Manhattan (KS) Public Library, but more importantly, in knowing that I somehow lucked out and met the most beautiful and sweet gal I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

    Make that three times, my good friend Mark stopped by this afternoon with a surprise gift- my new favorite t-shirt.

    Alright, gotta run...the second half just started.

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