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    Clive and Henrietta are on their honeymoon.  They had big plans but when his father dies, they have to leave them all behind and return for the funeral.  It's even more saddening when Clive begins to believe his father's death was no accident.  He's pretty sure someone pushed him in front of the train where he "fell".  The police don't believe him though and don't intend to any investigation.  But Clive will.

    She Writes Press and Edelweiss gave the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 30th.

    He tries to keep Henrietta out of it but that's nigh on to impossible.  She likes to investigate, too, and this death hit close to home.

    There are plenty of suspects.  His business partner had the most to gain or lose.  He had business dealings with lots of people.  But when Clive finds a letter that tells him he was being blackmailed, he couldn't figure out by whom.  Unfortunately, when his father first immigrated over here, he paid for protection for his business.  He was paying the mob and they never want to give up their hold on someone.

    The pace picks up when Clive finally realizes what happened.  He leaves Henrietta home and sneaks out to go confront the man.  When she finds the note he got, she goes there.  But he never got that note, it's a trap for her.

    Henrietta's sister was raped and now she's fallen woman.  Her mother wants her to get married and keep a low profile so she doesn't shame the family.  Henrietta talks her into going to school, unheard of in that day and age.  Since she has such trouble with men, she's thinking of becoming a nun.  But she finds she loves the custodian of the school.  Will there be any happiness for her?

    These stories are intriguing and full of drama.  It's a good read and I will be watching for the next book in this series.

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