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    She's training to become an assassin with her brother.  Their parents and other siblings have died and they're all alone, so this was a reasonable choice for them.  Assassins can always get work.  She was at the top of the class and on her to graduating with honors.  Then her brother blinded her in one eye while training.  Was it an accident or not?

    Mr. Slade graciously shared a copy of this ebook with me for review (thank you).  It has been published and more in this series are coming.

    This was a quick read as it's part of a serial novel, but it was exciting all the way through.  Carmen is not as good as she was before since the loss of her eye but she's determined to pass.  Her teacher tells her she came up short of points to graduate but if she could steal a swan's egg, he'd give her credit for that.  The black swans are eight to ten tall and they have deadly beaks.  How can she sneak in and take an egg from them?

    She finds one that has rolled out of a nest and grabs it.  Before she can get away safely, a swan sees her and comes after her.  She gets knocked of the cliff edge...

    She has even more adventures before the end of this book.  This is a good series and if people would quit trying to kill her, her life would be easier.  The next installment in this story should be interesting...

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