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    This is an anthology of fairy stories.  Some have the flavor of old tales, some are wicked, some are good, and some are very modern, but none of them are boring.  I love reading about fairies.  They are fantasy but I still love the idea.  I want good fairies, though, not wicked ones.

    Library Thing and the publisher, Poise and Pen Publishing allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 7th.

    There is a story for every letter of the alphabet so there's plenty of reading matter.  All the stories are varied and well-written.  I enjoyed them all but one stands out as my favorite:  M by Rachel M. Thompson.

    Her tale is about a princess her father is ready to marry her off.  She doesn't want to marry a dumb man, so they go through a series of mind tests: riddles and the like.  She's surprised when an owl talks to her but she listens to him and finds some princes are cheating,  She exposes them and they leave in disgrace.  When she finally meets a prince she likes, she realizes it's the owl in human form.  He becomes her choice.  He's fairy, so they have to compromise on how life will go on, but marry they do,  and they live happily ever after.

    The ending subtitle for this story is:  M is for Maturity.

    I liked the fact that she chose the man she wanted and lived happily ever after.  So what he was a fairy, it just makes it a bit more interesting.

    I'm sure you'll find a story or two that you like especially well, too.  There are all kinds for all tastes.  Give it a try, it was a good fantasy read.

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