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    Laurelie was shy and kept to herself at college but one girl decides she's going to be her friend and soon Laurelie has several girlfriends.  They talk, they drink, they go to parties.  Laurelie isn't really comfortable there but after a few drinks it's OK.  Or it was until she was sexually assaulted.  Then she runs.  She finds another college and she doesn't make friends there.  She's hiding from herself in many ways...

    Arcade and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published June 18th.

    Laurelie babysits a young toddler that doesn't talk too well.  She is patient with him and talks him for walks in the woods as well as down to the river to play.  All is well until she sees a bobcat while they are out at a rock in the river.  It's cutting off her way back to the cottage.  Then a hiker shows up and pets it and escorts it away.  She heads home with the little one wondering who he is and where he came from.  

    It turns out he's camping in the woods.  He's also got odd senses.  He can smell things and see things she can't.  He's also not sure about people.  But when she and the boy get caught in the rain in the woods, he invites them inside his tent.  He stays away from them.  The dog guards the doorway.  They talk a little bit but not much.

    In time, they become friends.  He takes them to see the bobcat's kittens and that's fun.  He has a rapport with animals.  Then he takes her to visit his family.  They're a bit strange, too.  It seems he had a bad virus and there was nothing they could do for it but let it run its course.  That was what gave him the enhanced senses.

    All is going well until the boy goes missing.  The boy is unhurt and has found a puppy but the bobcat was seen and that creates a problem with her landlord.

    They separate but they both go on.  I liked how the book ended.  And I enjoyed the interaction with the bobcat.  Not all wild animals are evil just be careful...

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