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    There are speeding ambulances that run over animals and people.  They take people to the hospital but they don't help them.  They eventually take them out in a boat and dump them overboard.  When family members come to check on them, they become victims, too.  When Chloe and her friends hear of it and witness it, they are determined too stop it. 

    Luckily they will have help.  Silas, the StarGazer, is creating an animal army to join them.

    She Writes Press and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book (Thank you).  It will be published June 4th.

    Chloe and her friends work on infiltrating the hospital because Chloe's mom is there. So is her friend's brother.   She finds them but how can she help them? Then Silas and the animals show up and even more mayhem happens.  With the animals attacking the staff, they may have a chance.

    This is an exciting read with magical animals (a horse who can talk?) and magical people.  There's action on each page and no chance for you to be bored.  The characters were realistic and they made me care about them.  This was a very good read.

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