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    Nikki is settling in with the Glock Grannies.  She might not be able to scale a chain link fence yet but she's trying.  Hattie shows her how by quickly climbing up and over in seconds.  She tries again , swings her leg over and snags her pants on the fence.  Now she's stuck and they call 911.  How embarrassing!  Imagine a man cutting the pants right at your crotch...

    Fairfield Cozies and the author let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

    There's a lot of humor in these stories.  Sometimes they make me laugh out loud.

    There's a murder with the same tattoo as they found on a body three years ago.  That mystery was never solved, so they are determined to solve both cases this time.  One clue they have is that gang members show up after the murders.  Nikki sneaks in with her grandmother to learn what they can.  They don't learn much and just barely escape.  The next time they go back, they find another dead body.  This one is a gang member. 

    Then they learn the gang members are hanging out at the tire shop.  Nikki is too scared to talk to them so the Granny who's with her goes in and asks them very direct questions.  They answer them to Nikki's amazement.

    When they figure out who the killer is, there's a very dangerous situation before things come back under control.

    This is a group of Grannies that don't act like old people.  They are also pretty good detectives.  This was a very good read.  Why don't you give it a try?

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