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    Nothing worked the way Jonathan planned it.  She brought the painting, the loose cannons showed up and so did the guy that was supposed to take them down.  They'd have to arrange to meet again and he'd ask for more money.  But the shooter also shot the woman who had brought the painting, so Jonathan ran, with the down payment and the painting...

    Gallery Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published 8-13.

    When Jonathan surfaces again, he's changed his identity.  He's now John married to a woman and has a stepdaughter.  They don't know the painting is stolen. so Mom puts it up in the entry way.  He has a camera there so he can make sure no one is trying to steal it.

    All's well until the high school girl is followed home by a predator.  She gets away but the cops want the camera footage.  They get and they get a piece of the the stolen painting, too.  The incident goes viral and those still looking for the picture are now on his tail...

    This group of players show no mercy to anyone.  The hunt is hard and the daughter gets involved.  It's hard to feel sympathy for those who die.  It ends as it should and nobody got by without some bruises and regrets.  This is a good example of why crime doesn't pay...

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