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    She lost her twin sister when she was 11.  She left her sitting in a field and said she'd be right be right back but she never returned.  All the searches hit a dead end and she had to go on without her...

    Berkley and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 14th.

    Now it's twenty years later and she's living in Alaska with her husband and daughter.  One day, a different mail carrier flies in and when she goes to pick up their mail, he asks her for a place to stay.  They have an extra bedroom and let those on government business stay so she says yes.

    He sleeps the first day away, then asks to stay longer because he has to repair his plane.  She says OK.  Then he goes to work on the plane.

    The next thing she knows he's killed an Indian friend of hers and is jailed.  The cops tell her he wants to talk to her but she doesn't have to.  She wants to know why he killed her friend, so she agrees to see him.  He tells her he knows where Jacqueline is.  He'll trade information for three things from her.

    She doesn't want to give him anything but if her sister is still alive she does want to find her.  She agrees with his terms.  For the final thing he wants to speak to her daughter alone.  She thinks the jail secure enough nothing could happen but she's wrong.  When she goes to check, he and her daughter are gone...

    The ending is exciting, deadly and not at all what I expected...

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