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    She's still grieving the loss of her fiance but she's working harder than ever.  When she's called out on a death, she finds a schoolgirl in a strange setting.  She has baboon statues around her and it looks like it means something.  It does.  It's Egyptian.  Where are the other children on the bus?

    Macmillan and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published July 14th.

    Then another dead girl is found.  They are getting desperate about saving the girls.  Then they get a tip for where the bus is.  All the cops needed help in the raid but there is no bus.  It was a false lead.

    It seems her supervisor is setting her up for failure.  He even pulls her team off the case.  That doesn't mean they quit working the case.

    Then she finds her love is not dead.  He has been following her around, so she braces him in his car with her gun.  He wasn't dead, he was working undercover.

    As they get one of the girl's wounded but alive, they learn where the bus is.  They also figure out where the next death will be:  the snake house at the zoo.  They get there in time to save the girl but Jake gets killed protecting her.  Her heart is broken again. 

    Jake thought he had enough evidence to put her boss away.  Did he or didn't he?

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