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    When she's fired from her job over something she said, she's at loose ends.  Then she gets a phone call from a man who tells her he's her dead father's brother.  She's not sure she believes him but when he invites her to come and visit, she decides to go.  After all, she nothing holding her at home.

    Berkley and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It's being published today.

    She sees similarity between him and her father so it must be true.  He tells her he'll explain what happened later.

    When they reach the house, she enjoys meeting Trudy, his wife.  Then he shows her his painting studio, which is a barn.  He asks her to help organize his pictures.  He wants to show them off in a galley.  She agrees.  She's not sure what to do when he sets up an easel for her with paints and brushes.  It's been a long time since she painted.  But she finds herself beginning again.

    Then she finds a puppy in the woods.  She picks her as her human and she brings her joy.  She also meets a man that she falls in love with.  But despite all the positives, back home in America is where her job offer comes from.  She hates leaving but she must if she's to acquire the job.  She goes back but she's not fond of the games they are creating.  And her heart hurts for what she's left behind.

    Will she listen to her heart or will her head win?  

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