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    Her father has cancer and is dying, so he sends her to stay with her mother and grandmother.  She doesn't mind her grandmother but her mother walked away from her and her father while she was just a baby.  She doesn't like her.

    Simon and Schuster Books for young Readers and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 26th.

    When she arrives and goes to the door, she's amazed to be greeted by another child.  Then she finds out there are more.  Her mother wouldn't even raise her but she's fostering kids!

    When she speaks to her mother, she finds she's not nice at all.  Mom doesn't even want to be around her.

    As she gets to know the children, she discovers they have magic.  That's why her mother took them in.  She wants a bottle of elixir that's been hidden in the garden.  Piper wants to find it so she can save her dad.  She and the other children look for clues.

    Piper thinks she has no magical powers, then she realizes she can make herself invisible.  She doesn't tell her mom.  When she asks where grandma is all her mother says is away.

    Poor Piper has more disappoints coming but her friends stand by her.  There is more than one mystery to solve, riddles, and more.  Somehow it all comes together in a bittersweet ending.

    This is not a boring read!

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