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    Nicky never saw his Dad much.  He worked two jobs and was never home.  But when they had to write about a family member, he was the one he chose.  Now if he could just come to the presentation with him...

    Black Rose Writing and Net Galley shared this book with me (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

    I worked for a city and worked with the firemen on budgets and other things.  This story is very accurate, not just about the training but about the actual experiences fighting fire.

    Steve takes Nicky down to the fire station.  He gets to participate in fire training and develops a new respect for what his Dad does.  Then they get called out on a real fire.  Steve wants him to stay at the station but the fire captain invites him along...

    The fire is bad and when everyone is out, he still doesn't see his Dad.  They go to look for him and find him under a section of roof that fell.  He's not breathing well, so they unzip his coat to get the mask out.  He has a baby on his chest breathing the clean air from his mask.

    He's hauled away in an ambulance with his son at his side.  This creates a much stronger bond between them.  Will his Dad survive?  How about the 1 year old?

    Read it and see...

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