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    Albert is related to an author by virtue of both being godchildren to the same lady.  He doesn't know a lot about her but the Superintendent wants him to talk to her and find out why the latest book she wrote is the sane as a crime committed.  He doesn't think it was an accident...

    Severn House and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 4th.

    Campion is concerned.  If she didn't mastermind the murder and robbery, how could her book repeat the actions of the thief so accurately?  Then her next book has the same thing happen.

    As he questions people, pestering the publishing house and the author, he still doesn't see how it happened.  Then a  woman he met at the first murder and robbery set up a meeting with him but didn't show.  Come to find out, she's dead outside...

    Then the publisher gets killed in her office.  Suddenly he has a clue.  His godsibling is letting her stories out of the bag with a woman she trusts.  She shouldn't.  And he tells her why..

    Mr. Campion stories don't move very fast but he gets his man.  In this book he's married and they are very much in love.  She even helps him with his investigation.

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