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    Evie's husband died of a heart attack.  It wasn't until she visited her lawyer that she found out he had no money.  However, he did leave her a hotel on a little island.  She and her sister go to visit, at her sister's insistence.

    Minotaur Books and Edelweisss let me read this book for review (thank you.  It will publish on August 18th.

    They go.  It's decorated in art deco and has maintenance problems but there are gorgeous views.  Just when they think it might be doable, Evie finds the first body.  He's the man that believes he owns the hotel.  He didn't die from the fall, he was murdered.  He had insisted he paid the money back.  Dennis who worked the reception counter told her he'd delivered it to this woman.  She thinks it might be her husband's ex-wife but when more description is given, she knows it wasn't.

    She sneaks into the old lady's room next door because she had a lot of medicine in her cabinet and her sister is sick.  She finds the medicine and also finds the old lady dead.  She was murdered, too.  Who can the killer be?

    She finds out and then he wants to get rid of her...

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