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    Hope is happy to see how this cruise is working out.  Everyone is having a good time and the man who took her promotion because his daddy owns the cruise line is finally being decent to her.  Her favorite customers are an old couple who need help getting around but want to see everything, and a young couple on their seventh anniversary.

    Fairfield Publishing let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

    The young couple is looking for another activity so Hope suggests doing parasailing.  They are attached to the ship and they can see for miles up in the air.  The husband is a bit skeptical but his wife is so enthused he says yes.  It's scheduled for the next morning.

    The older couple takes a road trip and gets to look out from a lookout to see the beach and animals about.  They loved it.

    The parasailing is ready to go the next morning and Hope goes to watch.  They launch the young couple and the cable breaks.  Soon they've flown out to sea...

    Hope looks and the launch line was cut.  This was no accident.  They get search and rescue out and they recover the husband.  When they finally find her life jacket, it's shredded.    It looks like a shark got her.

    Not only was the line cut, the cameras were disabled.  Who would know how to do that?  And why would anyone want to kill them?

    The security guy on board is slow and not real smart, so Hope starts her own investigation with help.  Will she find the killer before they get to their destination?

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