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    Chloe had a lot of responsibilities.  She has a father with Alzheimer's, she has no help and must respond when the home calls.  At least her boss is understanding and let's her go.  Then her best friend writes a script that is a lot like the coffee house she works in with characters like her and her boss.  Chloe and Nick are not happy about it.

    Berkley and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this boook for review (thank you).  It will be published July 7th.

    Then the movie comes out and it's a hit.  How embarrassing.  The worst part is that Chloe has a crush on Nick.  She can't date him because he's her boss but she'd sure like to.

    As time goes on, her brother returns and he's supposed to be helping with dad but he slept through an emergency.  She deals with it even though it was during the movie.  Then she goes and tells her brother off.  It makes her feel a bit better but it doesn't solve anything.

    Then Nick starts going with her on visits to her father.  Holding his hand makes her stronger.  She's still got the "leave him alone, he's the boss" thing going.  Then he asks her if she'd like to be partners in his business.

    It's too bad he hasn't got the same policy.  He did but it went by the wayside...  Romance is coming for Chloe and it's just what she wanted!

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