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    Thomas has some magical powers but he needs to learn to strengthen them.  He wants to get his father back.  First though, he has another quest.
    Elandrian Press sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.
    Thomas is learning judo. learning that the different noises you make can give your magic more power, and he's learning to control it better.  Then they find a strange message on their computers.  Someone has hacked their way in and they refer to a staff.  The staff has power and the Sumerian Wizard is trying to find it.  They stopped him from stealing the crystals, can they find the staff first?
    While searching for a missing friend of theirs, they find their enemies almost all drained of life force.  The enemies say if they can save them, they'll work with them to take the wizard down.  Thomas isn't sure if he trusts them but they do save them.
    When they get close to the staff, they run into the wizard again.  He's not such a stranger as they thought.  Can Thomas fight him off and get the staff?
    This is a very exciting story with lots of action and lots of secrets.  You can tell there will be another in the series because Thomas hasn't found his father yet.  This is a very enjoyable series.

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