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    Mauve hates the boarding school she's been sent to and spends a lot of time in trouble.  When she is sent to sort the garbage, she suddenly finds a sardine can that is moving .  When she opens it, a djinni comes out and wants to grant her wishes.  Wow!
    Sourcebooks Young Readers and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 13th.
    This is an exciting and entertaining read.  She shares her discovery with her roommate.  The orphan boy next door is looking in the window and finds out, too.  He wants to have it after her three wishes have been granted to make his wishes and then he'll give it to her roommate.  She agrees, knowing when she's through it will disappear to who knows where.  Tommy doesn't know that.
    Then a man wants the sardine can.  His daughter told him about it.  (She was eavesdropping when she shouldn't be.)  First he offers her money.  It's tempting but she says no.  Then he says he'll get her father hired.  She won't give it up but she also wants to save her father.  Then the man sets another one on her, following her everywhere trying to get the djinni.
    He manages to steal it.  Will she get it back?  Can she save her dad's job?  It's an exciting ending!

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