IOBA seeks Administrative and Marketing Facilitator

The Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA) is an international trade organization with over 300 member booksellers in fifteen countries. We are seeking an individual to work with us in an administrative capacity on a part-time basis. (

Title: Administrative and Marketing Facilitator.

Part Time Position: Average of 10-15 hours per week

Salary: $15 to $20 an hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

Requirements of applicant:

Excellent writing skills;
Knowledge of WordPress;
Ability to work independently on projects and day-to-day duties;
Marketing experience a plus;
Good organization skills and ability to work within time restraints;
Ability to access the internet, with reasonably secure Internet access and telephone availability for this on-line position.
Knowledge of books and bookselling a definite plus

This employee will report to the IOBA President and IOBA Vice President, and will work closely with the Internet Committee Chair.

Duties of contract employee could include, but not limited to:

1. Serve as primary contact person for the members of IOBA and act as a liaison for external and internal inquiries; respond to, or forward inquiries to the appropriate Committee chair or Board officer in certain circumstances.

2. Maintain and update the IOBA website to ensure that it is kept up-to-date, including weekly updates to ???What’s New??? and any changes to the Board or Committee members listed, or any documents available to members and visitors, including social media. Work with the Internet and Education committees to develop new features for the website.

3. Design and maintain an IOBA blog using WordPress, including contributing posts directly, requesting members??? contributions, and editing these contributions as necessary. Produce the IOBA monthly newsletter, the IOBA Flyleaf. Refer content when appropriate to the IOBA journal, The Standard.

4. Work with IOBA Committees and Officers, and take primary responsibility for completion of long-term projects such as manuals and project outlines.

5. Market IOBA through book fairs and other means to increase membership . Coordinate with members who are exhibiting at a book fair to make available IOBA marketing material.

6. Work with the Public Relations Committee to prepare Press Releases as needed, and to maintain a list for contacts to receive these press releases. Assist the Public Relations Committee (PR) in attracting customers to the IOBA book selling venue, including improving and enhancing the monthly newsletter featuring members??? listings.

7. Assist in obtaining new Third-party Discounts for members and promote these benefits to members.

8. We expect the actual tasks to change over time.

Please send CV or resume with a cover letter to
CV or Resumes should be included in the body of the email. All attachments will be ignored.

We will begin to evaluate resumes that have been received about July 15th and will continue to do so until the position has been filled.

New IOBA Members: Second Quarter 2016

IOBA is happy to admit and welcome the following recent applicants to full membership:

David Hamilton, Americana Books
Stone Mt., Georgia  USA

Janet Berns, Book Nook
Monroe, Michigan  USA

Jeff Meave, Brazos Bend Books
Houston, Texas  USA

Michael Brenner, Brenner’s Books – Rare & Collectable
Ocean, New Jersey  USA

Robin Nash, Buy The Book Here
North Nonawanda, New York  USA

Ian Morley, Durdles Books

Thomas Kullgren, Early Aeronautica
Midland, Michigan  USA

Michael Fox, Michael Fox (Bookseller)
Hillsboro, Oregon  USA

Ruth Lewis, The Parnassus BookShop
Newport, Washington  USA

June M. Jones, Parrish Books
Marylhurst, Oregon  USA

Michael Popek, Popeks Books
Otego, New York  USA

Robert Portwood, Robert’s Bookshop
Lincoln City, Oregon  USA

Linda Steadman; Too Many Books, Inc.
Roanoke, Virginia  USA

Morgan Brynnan, Uncommon Works
Gridley, California  USA

IOBA Scholarships Offered

The IOBA Scholarship Committee is in the process of receiving and evaluating applications.IOBA offers up to three scholarships each year so members can continue their education and professional development. Scholarships are awarded without regard to current level of accomplishment, financial need, full- or part-time bookseller status, or length of time in the book trade. IOBA is committed to the belief that every well-educated, well-informed, and ethical bookseller is a credit to the trade and to our organization, and we consider these scholarships to be our investment in the future of bookselling.

These scholarships are available to any current IOBA member in good standing, excluding members of the Scholarship Committee and current Officers. Prospective members who are currently participating in the mentorship program are also eligible to apply, if approved by their mentor.

The New Collector’s Scholarship has been announced and we are now receiving applications.

The Independent Online Booksellers Association would like to contribute to the continuing education of book collectors. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will offer to a book collector, for the first time ever, a scholarship in the amount of $750 to be used at one of the several book seminars offered in the U.S. or the U.K.. You are not required to be a bookseller or a member of any organization to apply.

Many of our members have been to the seminars listed below, and always find book collectors present among the booksellers and librarians. If you have ever thought of attending we hope to make it a bit easier for you.

IOBA awards scholarships to support the professional development of its member booksellers. We consider the scholarships to be an investment in the future of bookselling, and we would like to include you too!

New IOBA Members: First Quarter 2016

IOBA is happy to admit and welcome the following recent applicants to full membership:

Alan Angele, Alan Angele Popular Culture
Nyack, New York USA

Colleen Croft, Back Lane Books
North Vancouver CANADA

Barnaby Fell, Black Sheep Book
Salt Spring Island CANADA

Lindsay Christison, Christison Rare Books
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape SOUTH AFRICA

Stefan Baer, Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore
Westport, Connecticut USA

Geoff Cox, Cox & Budge Books

David Spilman, David Spilman Fine Books
Sebastopol, California USA

Donald Heald, Donald Heald Rare Books
New York, New York USA

Kathlyn Stewart, Gargoyle Books
La Mesa, California USA

Owen Kubik, Kubik Fine Books Ltd.
Dayton, Ohio USA

Jeffrey Weiss, Posthoc Books
Grafton, New Hampshire USA

Barbara Chalk, Rare & Antique Books

Otto Penzler, The Mysterious Bookshop
New York, New York USA

Karen Wright, The Wright Book
Grass Valley, California USA


New IOBA Members: Fourth Quarter 2015

IOBA is happy to admit and welcome the following recent applicants to full membership:

Charles Schmieg, Black Paw Books
Norwell, Massachusetts  USA

William Kemps, Bookcharmed Books
Roselle Park, New Jersey  USA

Malcolm Curtis, Books and Bobs
Birchgrove, Swansea  UNITED KINGDOM

Kathy Norgress, Books Plus Old Things
Denham Springs, Louisiana  USA

Peter Dast, Bookworks
Beloit, Wisconsin  USA

Kenneth Gloss, Brattle Book Shop
Boston, Massachusetts  USA

Johannes van der Genugten, Bunyip Books
Bloomington, Indiana  USA

Peter Margenat, The Calico Cat Bookshop
Ventura, California  USA

Billy Morrison, Dark Hollow Books
Ossipee, New Hampshire  USA

Darren Winston; Darren Winston, Bookseller
Sharon, Connecticut  USA

Derek Lunn, Dereks Transport Books

Mary Norman; Elk Creek Heritage Books, LLC
Toms River, New Jersey  USA

Gene Baade, Gene W. Baade Books on the West
Renton, Washington  USA

Kevin Longster, Hawkmoor Books Ltd
Olivers Battery, Winchester  UNITED KINGDOM

John Hinchliffe, Hinchbooks

Liam McGahern, J. Patrick McGahern Books, Inc.
Ottawa  CANADA

David F. Fanning, Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers
Gahanna, Ohio  USA

John Leger, Le Bookiniste
Hopewell, New Jersey  USA

Charles Spataro, Nothing Like a Good Book
Upton, New York  USA

Ian Powell, powellbooks

Ron Ramswick, Ron Ramswick Books
Carlsbad, California  USA

Michael O’Malley, Save The Last Book For Me
Harborne, Birmingham  UNITED KINGDOM

Gillian Hardy, The Stray Dog Booksellers
Balnarring  AUSTRALIA

Thomas Kiser, Vivarium Books
St. Paul, Minnesota  USA

Christopher Ridler,

New IOBA Members: Third Quarter 2015

IOBA is happy to admit and welcome the following recent applicants to full membership:


Paul Barker, Granada Bookstore
Woodlawn, Illinois  USA

Mark Benjamin, Bennor Books
Hexham, Northumberland  UNITED KINGDOM

Richard Bishop, Richard Bishop Bookseller
Portland, Oregon  USA

Martin Bott; Martin Bott (Bookdealers) Ltd.
Felixstowe, Suffolk  UNITED KINGDOM

Rodney Cooling, Serendipitous Ink

Rick & Colleen Destree, PurJoy Bookshop
Arvada, Colorado  USA

Thorne Donnelley, Liberty Book Store
West Palm Beach, Florida  USA

David Kruidenier; D. Anthem, Bookseller
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  USA

Lee and Bob Linn, The Ridge Books
Calhoun, Georgia  USA

Lee Madden; Lee Madden, Book Dealer
Brattleboro, Vermont  USA

Eric Manning, E. Manning Books
Beenleigh  AUSTRALIA

William Matthews; William Matthews, Bookseller
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia  CANADA

George McLauchlan, Hanselled Books
Burntisland, Fife  UNITED KINGDOM

Colin Neville, Woodbine Books
Keighley, West Yorkshire  UNITED KINGDOM

Lawrence Pruner, Valley Books
Amherst, Massachusetts  USA

Elena Serru, Sephora di Elena Serru (Sephora Libri)
Foligno  ITALY

Andrew Szaflarski-Saidi, White Eagle Books

Isabel Sloane, Windrush Books
Gloucester, Massachusetts  USA

John Taylor, John Taylor Books
Bridport, Dorset  UNITED KINGDOM

David Tobin, Walden Books

Linda and Micky West, mclin haven books
Elton, Wisconsin  USA

Robert Whiteley, The Poet’s Pulpit
Oakville, Ontario  CANADA

George F. Wilkinson, G. F. Wilkinson Books
San Francisco, California  USA

New IOBA Members: May and June of 2015

IOBA is happy to admit and welcome the following recent applicants to full membership:

May 2015

Evan Bates, Pictograph Books
Long Island City, New York  USA

Nickolaus Bikoff, Nick Bikoff, Bookseller
Fairfield, New Jersey  USA

George Ayerego, Ayerego Books
Toronto  CANADA

Alican Akin, Khalkedon Books
Istanbul  TURKEY

June 2015

Neville Brackenreg, Viceroy Books
Forestdale  AUSTRALIA

Joanne Gunn, Hockley Books
Palgrave  CANADA

Daryl Rule; Daryl Rule, Bookseller
Santa Susana, California  USA

Nelleke Dansen, Scrinium Classical Antiquity

David Stockman, Centigrade 233
Ann Arbor, Michigan  USA

Tess & Eric Kindig; Garrison House Books, Garrison House Ephemera
Medina, Ohio  USA

Michael Utt; The Book Collector, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texax  USA

Annual IOBA Scholarship Contest

The Independent Online Booksellers Association is offering three scholarships this year. IOBA awards these scholarships to support the professional development of its member booksellers, without regard to their level of accomplishment or the length of their time in the book trade. We believe that every well-educated, well-informed, and ethical bookseller is a credit to the trade and to our organization, and we consider these scholarships to be our investment in the future of bookselling.

These scholarships are available to any current IOBA member in good standing, excluding members of the Scholarship Committee and current Officers.

One scholarship is restricted to the 2015 Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, to be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA from July 12-17, 2015 . A second scholarship is restricted to the York Antiquarian Book Seminar, to be held in York, England from September 14-16, 2015. The third scholarship may be used for either of these, or for any one of these other opportunities:

(In order to allow time for the LRBS, RBS and CALRBS admissions process, a scholarship awarded to one of these schools is valid until December 31, 2016.)

Each IOBA Scholarship covers tuition, plus up to $400 (£180 for YABS) for expenses. Non-North American winners who elect to attend CABS will receive an additional $500 travel stipend.

Application Procedure:

Please answer all questions, and provide the requested additional information.

  1. What is your business name?
  2. How long have you been selling books?
  3. How long have you been a member of IOBA?
  4. Which program do you want to attend? Please let us know if you only wish to be considered for the open scholarship.
  5. Please provide correct working URLs to your website and/or to other websites where you are currently selling books. Do you have an open shop, exhibit at book fairs, or sell at other venues? If so, please provide details.
  6. Write an essay of up to two pages about why you wish to attend and how this might aid your professional development. Due to the nature of IOBA, relatively few of us have met one another in person, so think of this as your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Committee. Who are you? Why are you a bookseller? Are you involved in volunteer work in the community or the trade? What are your accomplishments? Your shortcomings? Your hopes and dreams? Why should we invest in you?
  7. A letter of recommendation is required; this can be written by any bookseller, except those who are either IOBA officers or members of the Scholarship Committee. (The recommending seller need not be an IOBA member.)

All entries must be received via email no later than June 12, 2015. Applications and letters of recommendation should be addressed to: (Please include “IOBA scholarship application” in the subject headers of all emails.)

The winner or winners will be chosen by the IOBA Scholarship Committee, and will be notified by telephone and by email no later than June 19, 2015.
Best of luck to all!

New IOBA Members: 4th Quarter 2014 and First 4 Months of 2015

IOBA is happy to admit the following recent applicants to full membership:

 4th Quarter of 2014

Jamie Hale, Buteo Books
Arrington, Virginia USA

Eileen Corbeil, White Square – Fine Books & Art
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

Brandon Rison, Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables
Topeka, Kansas USA

Liz Pollock, The Cook’s Bookcase
Santa Cruz, California USA

Andrew Foster, Milton and Hubble Books
Pasadena, California USA

Brendan Sherar, The Libriquarian
Asheville, North Carolina USA

Rosalind Reichner, Hart’s Fine Books, etc.
Sequim, Washington USA

1st Quarter of 2015

 Andrea Peacock, Elk River Books
Livingston, Montana USA

Rachel Jagareski, Old Saratoga Books
Schuylerville, New York USA

Jay Nelson, Jay W. Nelson, Bookseller
Austin, Minnesota USA

Ryan Tweney, Avebury Books
Beatty, Nevada USA

April 2015

Adrian Harrington, Adrian Harrington Rare Books Ltd.
Tunbridge Wells UK

Kim Herrick, The Book Lair
Pleasanton, California USA

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