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oldlogoMembership Committee Report

The Membership Committee is seeking those who are interested in developing our member categories, and our screening of new members.

This years membership drive will start on May 1, 2001. If you have any ideas to help it become a success please join us.

Membership will also be looking for new benefits, services and programs. Please join and share your ideas.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sally Hollingsworth
Vice President
Interim Membership Chair

Finance Committee Report

This committee is responsible for establishing budget and financial policy recommendations. The board will then approve or modify them. We will receive monthly financial reports from the Treasurer (who will be overseeing the bookkeeper) which will then be forwarded to the board.

On March 7, I was asked to fill the vacancy created when Shirley Bryant resigned as chair. It is my pleasure to do so. The following IOBA members have agreed to serve on this committee: Jerry Blaz, Steve Ericson, Neil Williams, and Vic Zoschak,

The various chairs have been asked to submit an estimate of the funds their committee anticipates they will need for their projects. When these estimates are received and the treasurer submits the fixed expenses (bookkeeper, insurance, etc.), we will make our recommendation to the board for this year’s budget and this year’s dues.

Pat Ahearn

Education Committee Report

The Education Committee is hard at work recruiting new members
and setting agendas.

At the present time we consist of 7 members with perhaps another joining shortly, and they are:
Shirley Bryant – Authors & Artists
Deb Graham – Books By Blondie
Jim Hart – (President IOBA)
Anne Poe Lehr – Poe’s Cousin
Julie Fauble – Century Books
Barbara Lightner – Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop
Jean McKenna – Jean McKenna – Books (Chair)

We hope to accomplish a lot this year, and should with such talented

Shirley Bryant has compiled a poll for members to see what their
interests and hopes are for IOBA education. You will see this shortly. We would like your ideas and comments.

We would like to add Bindings, how to identify, describe, etc., to our Education Page on the IOBA site, along with other articles we are
currently discussing.

These are just a few of our goals at the moment. As I have just recently taken over the chair of this committee, we are still in the planning stages.

We welcome members thoughts, ideas, and help.
We are all excited and anxious to get to work on these projects.

Jean S. McKenna – Chairman Education Committee

Net-Operations Committee Report

My first couple weeks as IOBA’s Chairman of Net-Operations have been busy! We have a lot to get to work on, to include
updating the website with new information as it comes from the members and Board, closing out the remaining issues on the
search engine to either bring it out of Beta-testing or decide where to go from here with it, and exploring the development of
education in website development and maintenance for members who wish some resources in this area.

At a minimum, each newsletter will feature the basic news from our committee to keep members informed of what we’re doing over here, and who is doing the primary work with us. As an all-volunteer organization, it seems to me that about the only payment we can offer is thanks and recognition to our peers. This edition, I would like to thank Susan of Ravenroost Books for her
assistance in keeping up with updates for me while I have moved through this transition to Net-Ops and getting up to speed on the site and issues.

For this edition of The Standard, the Net-Ops Builder of the Quarter Award must go to Deanna Ramsay, of Ramsay Books, and past Chairman of Net-Operations, not only for her contributions to the website and IOBA’s online presence, but also her continued work with the search engine and ongoing support and membership on my Net-Ops Team. Thank you, thank you, Deanna!

We very much need committee members who know html, java, and website development and maintenance, and I am shamelessly recruiting for all the help we can get.  Please email me at if you would like to join our team!

Deb Graham

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