Proposed Reference Book Workshop, Fall 2003

Fall 2003 (Vol. IV, No. 3) Table of Contents

A comment in a recent IOBA email thread occasions an offer to all-

About 1-1/2 years ago, under the auspices of the IOBA, I hosted a ‘reference book familiarity’ seminar/workshop here at my shop–an opportunity for those in attendance to learn about such references* as the BAL, Sabin, Osborne, Field, NCBEL, Wing, &c, &c as well as a day to answer questions about researching & cataloguing rare books. A past issue of the IOBA STANDARD has a column on the day (see:

If there is sufficient interest, I’d be happy to do the same sometime soon, probably October, probably a weekend day. Just send me an email expressing interest, and advising when you’d be available [weekday, weekend, general dates (e.g. mid-October)].

* My reference library is closing in on 2000 volumes, & has at least the basic references in most major subject areas.

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