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Articles specially written or curated for the IOBA Standard

“Rare Book School is like graduate school.”

“The Colorado Seminar, which gives a great overview of the trade, is like undergraduate school,” said another bookseller who was in Colorado with me. “Rare Book School is like graduate school.” I remembered that description and I wondered how I would know I was ready to attend “graduate school” for antiquarian booksellers.

Buying Inventory on the Internet from Overseas Dealers

For many years, I was reluctant to purchase books from overseas dealers. Not speaking any foreign languages, I assumed it would be a nightmare communicating with them, figuring out the exchange rates, and arranging for shipment. What convinced me to try buying from overseas was my experience selling books to international buyers. Almost as soon as I opened my online bookstore, I began receiving inquiries from overseas clients. Working through these transactions convinced me that the international book market was both accessible and reliable.

Philip R. Bishop of Mosher Books

“If I could have my pick I really rather enjoyed the old days. I enjoyed the hunt. I enjoyed finding material in out of the way haunts. I enjoyed the serendipity. And I enjoyed having an exclusive set of knowledge built upon my reference works, my experience, and my ability to find out information.”