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Monika Beisner's ABC




Monika Beisner


Eel Pie Publishing, London, 1979


First edition. Fold-out card in box. See below for dimensions.

A wonderful illustrated ABC designed by German artist Monika Beisner. With a height of 10cms, this folds out to about 2 metres long, containing 26 panels on each side. One side has a colour illustration where animals and objects form the shape of the letter they are representing (eg two apes look like to the letter A, the Yeti is holding up his arms to form the letter Y). On the reverse is a simple poem revolving around the image, with a few extra drawings of things beginning with the letter (eg A is for the Apes who danced between trees; Y is for Yeti who lives in the snow). A charming item. The whole thing is housed in a small cardboard box.


The fold out illustrated card is in very good condition, with a hint of tanning to the edges. The cardboard box is rather scruffy and creased but has down a good job in protecting the cards.


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