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The Down Easters by Basil Lubbock



Clean, tight, heavy, fat 4to, 285pp with illustrations/photos and plans. The book front blue cloth covere has a feew small thin streaks of white, probably paint? Otherwise in excellent shape.The jacket is in mylar and has some problems; bottom edge one longish closed tear and several small v-shaped open tears. The top edge has several chips and small open tears.


The continuing history of the American square-rigged sailing ship begun by Captain Arthur Clark and by other talented writers. The Down Easters need to be preserved in memory and the few remaining old shellbacks who sailed them. Contents: The San Francisco Grain Trade, Bully Captains, Bucko Mates and Cape Horners, Clipper in the Cape Horn Trade, Down Easters of the 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s, and the Last of America's square-riggers. Appendix of Registered American Ships.


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