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UTI EMLÉKEZETEK AMERIKÁBÓL (Travel Memories from America)


3640 $

Pál Rosty UTI EMLÉKEZETEK AMERIKÁBÓL Sudamérica South America Travel Book 1861 Extremely rare South American travel book by Pal Rosti UTI EMLÉKEZETEK AMERIKÁBÓL By Pál Rosti (Memories of a Trip to America) – In the Hungarian language. *** First edition of a travel book written by Pál Rosti, Hungarian naturalist and pioneer photographer in Latin America. In 1857 Rosti traveled to New York. Then he traveled to Venezuela and Mexico, where he photographed the plantations, towns, general scenery, ,ancient tree at Popotla, and numerous places of interest in Mexico City. In 1861 Rotsi published a full account of the tour, “Uti Emlékezetek Amerikából”. The book was lavishly illustrated with lithographs and engravings by Gusztáv Klette, D. Freemann, and Johann Moritz Rugendas. The majority of the lithographs are based on Rosti’s original photographs and rendered by Gustav Klette. Since the limitations of photograph technology of the time, it was impossible to capture moving figures. So, Rosti and/or Klette added human figures to the drawings that were then prepared for making the lithographs.

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