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IOBA was founded in 1999 by a group of concerned online booksellers. When the internet began to take on a life of its own around this time, and several pioneer used/out-of-print/antiquarian book search services opened their electronic doors for business, the booksellers who were really their partners in this new venture were thrilled with the results, as were our customers. Even at this early date, however, it became obvious that we needed to reconcile the wonderful efficiency and relative anonymity of online selling with the importance of maintaining traditional values. Forming a trade association gave us an opportunity to address the key issues of establishing trust between bookseller and book buyer, helping to train future generations of new booksellers, advocating for our members, and acting as a clearinghouse for information.


2022-Present: Richard Erdmann, Mare Booksellers

2019-2021: Doug Nelson, Nelson Rare Books

2019-2019: Suzanne Mantell, Warwick Books

2017-2018: Christine Volk,

2016: Joan White, White Unicorn Books

2014-2015: William Knox, The Penang Bookshelf

2013: Christine Volk,

2012: Joachim Koch, Books Tell You Why

2010-2011: Karin Bergsagel, The Eclectic Bookworm

2008-2009: Shawn Purcell, Balopticon Books & Ephemera

2007: Michael Watson, 20 Ants

2005-2006: David Friedman, Barner Books/Bibliotique

2004: Shirley Bryant, Authors & Artists

2003:  Maria Bustillos, Popula

2002:  Julie Fauble, Century Books

2001: Sally Hollingsworth, Book Crone

2001: Jim Hart, The Published Page Book Shop

2000: Deb Graham, Books By Blondie

1999: Rik Pavlescak, Blue Monkey Books


Shirley Bryant, Authors & Artists; Julie Fauble; Century Books; Judy Gordon, Crowe’s Nest Books & Collectibles; Deb Graham, Books By Blondie; Sally Hollingsworth, Book Crone; Rik Pavlescak, Blue Monkey Books


Len Lanfranco of Columbia Books (Oswego, Oregon):
Early member of IOBA, an energetic colleague, served as Public Relations Chair, died 4/30/2002.

Alyce M. Cresap of Alyce Cresap, Books & Ephemera (Germantown, New York): Charter member of IOBA, served as Internet Chair, writer of engaging emails, died 5/8/2003.

Anne Poe Lehr of Poe’s Cousin (White Plains, New York): Anne joined IOBA in 2000 and served as Vice President, died in office 6/12/2004.

DeWayne White of White Unicorn Books

Joan White of White Unicorn Books

Garry Austin

D J Hanson

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