Jason Rovito is the newest “Bright Young Thing”

BYT_rovitoIOBA member Jason Rovito (Paper Books in Toronto) is the newest “Bright Young Thing” from Fine Books & Collections. In his interview, Bright Young Things: Jason Rovito, he answers, among other questions, this intriguingly open-ended one:

“What do you love about the book trade?”

“Its ethics. It doesn’t always happen (by a long stretch), but it’s possible that a single deal in the book trade can bring value to everyone involved: the creators, the created, the sellers, the buyers, and the dealers. And I don’t mean that in a high-horse kind of way; ethics can be really pleasurable. The friendships that emerge at CABS are great examples of what’s possible from a trade that (at its best) doesn’t involve zero sum games; where a part of the profits can be shared, especially through meals, drinks, and conversations. In 2013, I’m not sure that many other jobs can offer the same health benefits.”

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