Estella G. Gelder, Bookseller

I’m a bookseller because I love books, and I want to make them available to others so they can enjoy them as much as I do. I was raised on the Utah desert, which was either too hot or too cold, but there were always books to transform me to other places.

I worked as a legal secretary in Grand Junction, Colorado, and after I married, we moved to Boonville, Missouri, where my husband taught. My family kept me busy for the next thirty years, but in 1972, with four children in college and two still at home, I opened a small antique-book store in Bellingham, Washington. It was like heaven to me – suddenly I could buy almost any book I wanted, but by then I didn’t have the time to read for pleasure, only for education! The first store was opened in 1972, and it grew, as I did, until 1997 when my shop building was sold to a promoter. Naturally, he doubled my rent so I decided to sell the antiques, move the best books to my home and sell them on the Internet.

I bought a computer and my teacher-instructor was my eleven-year old grandson. It’s been a busy, happy, and satisfying three years. A few bumps in the road – an eye problem (epiretinal membrane) which made me an unsafe driver, so I sold the car and use an adult tricycle for my transportation. The tricycle means I get my exercise every day and I feel great. I volunteer in the library at the local Senior Center, as well as play both bridge and cribbage there.

My family, the eighteen who were present, and the eighteen who were too far away, helped me celebrate my 80th birthday on Sunday. I am blessed!

My speciality includes books on antiques and collecting, Northwest History, Children’s books and cook books. I have ephemera stashed away, but no time to do anything about it at the present time.

Bookselling on the Internet is a bit like Christmas – something new (and unexpected) everyday. Life is truly wonderful.

Estella Gelder

2728 Iron Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360-733-0658

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