The CABS Shadow Knows: A thrilling adventure in 5 episodes

An unknown correspondent (“The CABS Shadow”) shared perceptions of the experience in the best tradition of serials. IOBA is happy to bring this thrilling adventure to you in 5 parts. It will only be “complete” when you have attended.

Episode I: How to Double Your Money

Take a deep breath, flex the trigger finger, and then click “send”.

That’s it.

You have just sent in your application for 2012 CABS, and enabled a great opportunity for you to engage with some of the brightest and best book people on the planet.

Ever fold your own signature?  Collate an amazing book?  Back-up your computer files?  Work with a real live book photographer?  How about having the luxury of asking any book, printing, illustration, business or special collections question that you could ever dream of – and get the straight goods (business is off the record of course!) from an expert in the field?  Or attend a live book auction? Or ….phew!

Your classmates will consist of specialists in all fields, the curious, collectors of all stripes, librarians and even some second time attendees. And you will have a great time earning your 2012 educational tax write-off!

So start saving up your energy and your passion – you’re going to need lots of both for this incredible week.

Now take your cash, fold it in half and put it back into your pocket.

There – you just doubled your money.

 Episode II: Bookselling as a Community

No one does it all, and it takes a very special and dynamic group effort to create a place of learning where the acumen, skills and knowledge of booklovers (collectors), booksellers (business people) and keepers of the flame (librarians) can gather to share it with others.

Why would a successful business person, academic or career professional, share their hard earned secrets with strangers, you ask?

It is because they have acquired an awareness of a simple truth,

“If there is any hope, it is in the future” The Dalai Lama, 1989.

You are the future, so come and find an important piece of yours – at CABS 2012.

 Episode III: The CABS Handbook

A reference book unlike any other.

The record of combined knowledge that has been gathered and distilled through multiple lifetimes of working in the book trades. Updated yearly with modified, improved and proprietary techniques, it unveils the practical and hands-on secrets that will help deepen the commitment to success made in your chosen field.

CABS handbook 2012 however, like many of the best things in life, cannot be bought.

The wisdom and insights held within can only be given.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life”   Stone Tablet, n.d.

Topics in this new addition to your reference library will include:

  • Evaluating, Buying, and Pricing Books
  • Refurbishing & Conversation
  • Data Bases
  • Bibliographic Description
  • Book Photography
  • Qualified Appraisals
  • Book Fairs
  • Fakes, Forgeries & Theft
  • Types of Illustration (and ID techniques)
  • Consignment, Selling & House Calls, inc. legal paperwork and templates.

Best of all, the CABS 2012 handbook is included as part of the course materials – and yours to keep – along with the great personal notes, contacts and to-do lists that will be created by you!

Episode IV: The People – The Experience (unplugged & uncut)

Who knew….?

Any CABS alumni will crack a smile at those words, having heard their echo many times as yet another pearl was being strategically placed for seekers to find.

CABS faculty bring forward their “A” game to generate the best single learning experience currently available to the book community.

A quick look at the faculty profiles will give you an idea of the high caliber of experienced professionals you will soon be swapping stories with.

Profiles off the record – why not?

L.B.: This tall drink of educated mountain air sees all through his radical eyes, quick wit and “steady-on” approaches – nary an unclear or ambiguous sentence is allowed passage under his watchful gaze.

D.De S.: Accomplished literary sleuth with many moons of experience as a bookseller and curator, he brings the broad perspective earned through intimacy with both sides of the trade – along with his ready smile – to the table.

D. G.: Expert in many fields, his willingness to share database, photo and technical details, as well as bookselling concepts and general hilarity, will force you to fine tune your hearing-aid.

K.J.: Master Wizard. This ex-CIA guy is not the fellow you want to be knocking on your door (or email) if he hears that the “…no tape recorders or other similar devices, please” edict has been breached. “I do remember those dark knights …”

N.M.: Incunabula specialist with the best catalogs in the room. Honed her skills duking it out with the big boys in some of the most famous auction rooms and galleries in the world. She knows that of which you speak…

D.P.: Straight shooting sheriff that helps ensure higher global standards in the wild west of the online marketplace.

K.L.: Nothing – and I mean nothing – happens without the nod of this omnipotent dynamo!

R.R-M.: Team captain, and always sounding a key note. Has the trade in his veins and shipped out early on his career voyage. A capable bloke, still selling more good books – and with more panache – than Bob’s uncle. Better watch this guy.

S.S.: a.k.a. Super Savvy. Can spell disambiguation backwards, and knows what it means. He can hand press 4to’s and folios, so not to be trifled with. Frequently seen with K.J. when there is a need for added muscle.

T.B.: One of a kind – and very kind. Emphatically states “I do nothing!” but Humphrey Bogart still says it best regarding this scholarly giant: “The whole world is about three drinks behind”. If you have a thirst for knowledge, come have a drink from this CABS fountain!

T.S.K. (The Shadow Knows): There in spirit. With the proper afternoon light, can be seen pantomiming Oscar Wilde’s “Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

Episode V:  Dealing with Institutions

How does your cash flow look this month?     How about this year?

If your sales are approaching a commensurate nosedive mirroring the general malaise of the world economy, why not try something different – like selling to the great institutions, libraries and museums of the world?

Institutions will have a presence at CABS 2012, and the faculty can help you understand how to approach their venerated acquisitions departments, how to research institutional collections prior to contacting with quotes and also how mutual benefits can be extracted not only from your acquired knowledge, but their budget requirements as well.

Some of the topics covered are:

-Including libraries as part of a sales strategy

-Annual budgets

-Organization of acquisitions departments

-25 Institutions with large budgets

-Local libraries and historical societies

-Creating bibliographic lists

-Meeting with librarians

Besides all that – what bookseller doesn’t want to know what the Library of Congress is looking to buy this year?

For more information, visit the website of the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar





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