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  • 'Van Gogh and Britain' — The EY Exhibition

    Tue, 25 Jun 2019 04:26:47 Permalink
    ‘Van Gogh and Britain’ — The EY ExhibitionVan Gogh at the Tate, Summer 2019Entry to the exhibitOn our recent trip to London, we snuck away on a Thursday afternoon to Tate Britain for its new summer feature exhibition — Van Gogh and Britain.Running until Aug. 11, this show features more than 50 of his works, with a focus on pieces he produced during his residence in London (1873–75) and how the city and its people influenced his later, better-known works. For more on Van Gogh’s time in London, read this great article by Florence Waters from 2013 in The Telegraph.The show includes six of his famous pieces: Read More
  • From the Library of Brian Fenwick-Smith

    Wed, 26 Sep 2018 05:01:02 Permalink
    Ex Libris: Brian Fenwick-Smith (Financier, Philanthropist, Bibliophile)Upon retrieving a recent auction purchase in London that included one lot of approximately a dozen works of modern fiction and poetry, we were surprised to find that the majority included a mysterious looking bookplate from a fellow named Brian Fenwick-Smith. The books were all in excellent condition and many included inscriptions and signatures by the author.Brian Fenwick-Smith (BFS) seemed like an interesting character…labeling his books in black and white with carefully hand-numbered cataloging...our research did not disappoint us.The bookplate of Brian Fenwick-SmithA child of 1930s Britain, educated at the University of Cambridge, a millionaire Read More
  • Arthur Tress's New York City (1969–70)

    Fri, 21 Sep 2018 08:55:04 Permalink
    Open Space in the Inner City: Ecology and the Urban EnvironmentAt a recent auction we uncovered a wonderful specimen of NYC history — the exhibit portfolio of black & white photographs taken by Arthur Tress and produced by the Visual Arts Program of the New York State Council on the Arts in 1971. Arthur has a fascinating story from his birth in 1940 in a poor Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn to his world travels and personal discovery, all before his 30th birthday. His early life experiences shaped the view of the world that he would continuously capture through the camera that he Read More
  • What a Book Looks Like as a Digital 'Asset' via Codex Protocol

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 09:14:56 Permalink
    For someone who relishes the tactile pleasure of turning the page of one of my favorite novels, the concept of registering a book on a transparent, immutable digital ledger would seem a waste of time— but I get it. The question of provenance has plagued humanity since the beginning of time (or so I would posit). Look at the millions who flock daily to post the ‘provenance’ of their lives on Instagram — why wouldn’t you want to let the world know you own (and with good provenance) one of only a handful of the true first edition, first printing copies of Read More
  • 'Charmed Lives in Greece' — The Books…

    Sat, 28 Jul 2018 05:00:43 Permalink
    Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor at The British MuseumOn our recent trip to London, after collecting our trove of Joseph Conrad books, we took the opportunity to visit a small, but fantastic exhibit at the British Museum — Charmed Lives in Greece: Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor. The free show, only a few steps inside the entrance on your left, runs until July 15th, 2018. We cannot recommend it highly enough for fans of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (PLF), especially if you recently read the excellent, extensive collection of his letters — Patrick Leigh Fermor: A Life in Letters, published in 2017 by Penguin Random House and Read More
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