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    New Listings Week Ending 4th April 2021

    The Surinam Album Maria Sibylla Merian Folio Society 2006 £650
    Feudal Society Marc Bloch Folio Society 2012 £49.99
    The Long Weekend Graves and Hodge Folio Society 2009 £19.99
    Jane Austen The Complete Novels 7 Volume Boxed Set Folio Society 1988 £69.99
    Life On The Mississippi Mark Twain Folio Society 2008 £19.99
    The Body Snatcher & The Isle Of Voices R L Stevenson Folio Society 2007 £49.99
    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Sterne Folio Society 2005 £29.99
    Memoirs Of An Infantry Officer Siegfried Sassoon Folio Society 1974 £15.99
    The Diary of a Country Parson Rev James Woodforde Folio Society 1994 £14.99
    Thomas Wolsey Late Cardinal His Life and Death Cavendish Folio Society 1962 £14.99
    The Twelve Caesars and Lives of The Later Caesars Folio Society 1964 2005 £49.99
    Pather Panchali Song of the Road Banerji Folio Society 1971 £12.99
    Domestic Manners of the Americans Frances Trollope Folio Society 1974 £12.99
    Principia Mathematica Isaac Newton Folio Society 2008 £300
    Aucassin & Nicolette Tr. F W Bourdillon Folio Society 1947 £29.99
    David Copperfield Charles Dickens Franklin Library 1976 £34.99
    The Black Death Philip Ziegler Folio Society 1999 £19.99
    Robert Frost Selected Poems Folio Society 2010 £27.99
    Daily Life In Ancient Rome Jerome Carcopino Folio Society 2004 £19.99
    The Railway Children E Nesbit Folio Society 2014 £19.99
    The Life of Beethoven Alexander Thayer Folio Society 2001 £15.99
    Voice From The Ranks Sergeant Gowing Folio Society 1954 £19.99
    Bleak House Charles Dickens Folio Society 2004 £39.99
    Agatha Christie The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories Folio Society 2010 £19.99
    The Folio Golden Treasury Folio Society 1997 £24.99
    Fanny Burney’s Diary Folio Society 1961 £10.99
    The Folio Art Series 10 Presentation Volumes Folio Society 1957-1971 £59.99
    Middlemarch George Eliot Folio Society 1972 £19.99
    Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas Folio Society 1997 £19.99
    Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas Folio Society 1972 £19.99
    Regency England Great Age Of The Colour Print Folio Society 1964 £14.99

    If you are interested in any of the above and can’t find them, please email me.


    These titles and many more superb Folio Society books are available at Folio Society Books

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