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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.

feather-32534_1280.png now offers three free months

By: J. R. McWilliams, an on-line community of old, rare and out-of-print booksellers, announces three free months for new sign-ups. There is no obligation. You do not pay a cent if you do not wish to continue beyond the first three months.

When we made this offer of three free months to new members, we gave three free months to those booksellers who were already members. We felt it only fitting and proper, and part of our commitment to our dealers. We certainly have a great deal of gratitude for those who took a chance with us in our first formative months, and especially to those who have been with us through our first year.’s order inquiries have increased dramatically in the last three months. The traffic to the site has gone from 663,818 hits in February to 1,604,499 in March to 1,820,904 hits in April.’s promotional budget increases proportionally as its membership grows. was founded in response to the expressed desire of many booksellers for an alternative to corporate, impersonal listing services. We have intentionally kept our site lean and clean. No banner ads; no bells and whistles. Just a direct search engine that takes the customer straight to the bookseller’s information. All sales transactions are handled directly between customer and seller; does not take a percentage of the sale nor even engage in card processing. And we feel our monthly and yearly rates are among the lowest and best of the on-line search services. LLC was re-launched as an on-line old, rare and out-of-print book listing service with a searchable database of its members’ inventories on the Fourth of July 2002. The ensuing months have seen increasing improvement in the site’s search capabilities as well as its customer outreach. At the beginning of this year, a new Xeon multi-threading server was installed, greatly improving functionality. Moreover, has a longer history. The name has been on-line since 1995, ancient times in terms of the Internet. We have a long history in bookselling, teaching and museum curating. Our plan is to bring customers to the dealer and for the dealer to make the sale. We feel that this is what booksellers want, and we supply it in the most direct and straightforward way we can. I encourage all to take advantage of our three free months and try us out.



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