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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.


IOBA and Firsts: A Match Made in Book Heaven

Firsts Magazine

Firsts magazine, a print publication founded twelve years ago, describes itself as “The Book Collector’s Magazine.” What more natural place for the Independent Online Booksellers’ Association to advertise?

Len Lanfranco, outgoing IOBA Public Relations Committee chair, made an advantageous deal with Firsts for a whole year’s advertising. The first ad, designed by incoming Board Member at Large Maria Bustillos, appeared in the February issue of Firsts.

In future months, IOBA will develop advertisements for IOBA new programs benefiting both dealers and collectors, starting with the new IOBA search feature, which is set to be up and running by the beginning of March. Using this feature, book buyers will be able to filter their ABE search results for books on offer from IOBA dealers only. Members will receive an email announcement when the service is available.

“Maria has been a joy to work with,” said Lanfranco. “She stepped up when we needed help and did an outstanding job. We’re lucky she’ll continue with the project. Greg Williams, a new committee member, offered many fresh ideas and excellent critiquing.

The 6,000 discerning and knowledgeable readership of Firsts offers IOBA the chance to reach a large number of potential member booksellers, as well as a group of eager collectors who will benefit from access to IOBA’s great booksellers, from our high professional standards and the increasing educational opportunities that IOBA has to offer.

IOBA members who wish to subscribe to Firsts may do so at: ($40 per year). Lanfranco expressed thanks to Firsts and said IOBA looks forward “to our continuing relationship with the wonderful Kathryn and Robin Smiley of Firsts, who have been a sheer delight to work with.”

Please participate in IOBA’s advertising effort by sending advertising ideas to Len Lanfranco ( who will be helping to develop IOBA’s advertising strategies. We’re also looking for a few more committee members.




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