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“Garlands of Moonlight” (ISBN 0971756406), published May 2002 by Shoto Press. A graphic novel retelling of a Malay vampire legend.


Silent and merciless, a creature of darkness has come to prey on an island village. Babies vanish, mothers are murdered, and the threat of evil grows with each night. The village becomes a battleground as the onrush of the twentieth century clashes with tradition–and the restless spirits of the island’s mythical past…

Set in late colonial Indonesia, “Garlands of Moonlight” relates a Malay vampire legend in graphic novel format. Printed in a black and silver duotone, the book captures the quaint feel of turn-of-the-century daguerreotype photographs. Illustrated by Indonesian artist Rizky Wasisto Edi, winner of a 2002 Xeric award.

Jai Sen

Price $4.59, paperback, 86 pages. Printed in a black/silver duotone using high-definition stochastic (FM) screening to simulate turn-of-the-century daguerreotype photographs from the time period of the story. Publisher: Shoto Press. ISBN: 0971756406. Publication date: May, 2002.


Jai Sen, a writer of speculative fiction, divides his time between New York and Tokyo.

Born in Hyderabad, India, Sen lived in Indonesia for seven years. There, he acquired a taste for supernatural folktales. He is the author of “Garlands of Moonlight”, and is currently working on a historical graphic novel planned for release by Shoto Press in the winter of 2003.

Rizky Wasisto Edi


“Our name is taken from the Shoto district of Shibuya-ku in Tokyo, where one of our authors resides. Shoto is a neighborhood that pays equal homage to tradition and progress, just as we do. We are working to inform the public about the importance of graphic novels as a literary medium.”

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