Global Book Mart: New Fee Schedule in 2004

Spring 2004 (Vol V, No. 1) Table of Contents

By: Lisa Martin

After much debate, we have decided on the fee structure for GBM. The new fee structure took effect on January 1, 2004.

We will be offering secure credit card ordering via the GBM Direct program.

Listing fees will be commission based:

No charge to upload inventory.

Commissions based on sales figures as follows:

During a calendar month the first $25.00 in sales are commission free.

From $25.01 to $500.00 is 10% of the sales total (for $500.00 sales our commission will be $48.00).

For sales total in a month over $500.00 our commission would be 5% (for $1000 sales total our commission would be $73.00).

Some of the other services we will be offering may have additional fees.

Details are available at the website. Click on the “Dealer’s Application” link, which gives you the details.

Questions and Comments:

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