New York Is Book Country Fair

Spring 2004 (Vol V, No. 1) Table of Contents

Over 18 used and antiquarian book dealers exhibited in this year’s 25th anniversary of New York is Book Country.

It is definitely a long, hard day, but reaps many rewards. With over 250,000 people attending this daylong street event, it’s a great way to reach out, cultivate the masses and introduce them to the world of used books, prints and maps.

There were over 200 exhibitors, including large publishing houses, small presses, libraries, cultural organizations and bookstores running along Fifth Avenue from 42nd to 57th Streets. For once, we were not relegated to a little side street, but were part of the main action on Fifth Ave.

Antiquarian Row, in the past, was set up on 52nd Street, with little kiosks for the dealers. The street would become jam-packed by the crowds, so this year, it was nice to spread out and have some breathing room. All the used book dealers were given 20 running feet, quite a bit of space.

Marvin Mondlin, member of the Appraisers Association of American and the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, appraised books all day long.

ABE Books set up a table and gave out little bags of “branded” goodies, pencils, erasers and mints.

The weather was magnificent, cool and sunny. Business was as usual, and having ATMs on just about every block really helps with impulse buying!


Shirley Solomon



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